The LADS summer!

Polo shirts, sailor stripes, skate boards, shorts, espadrilles…Mehn, I could go on and on. Like any other summer, these are some of the “MUST-SEE!” almost anywhere. Fashion week is BACK! London is already carrying the wave after which it will cross southwards to  Milan and like always lastly here in Paris.

This being the season of Spring 2015 Men’s wear collection, I wanted to share a few styles for the lads to adopt or be inspired for this Summer 2014.

A lovely and chilled evening over here I must say, hoping its the same for you. Hello everyone! Today we are looking at trends and style ideas on how to go about your various summer outfits so you get to enjoy it and picture perfect for your beautiful adventures, or outings as some prefer to call them.

I rarely post Men’s fashion but when I do am more than glad to share a lot with you dear lads.

Take a look at these:

43f1dc4ee4dedccce9985576e312494a 51f465bbc27750f8822226e31bd64e57 57fff8a22306a87d8b92b67dfcb60310 63d366babd69c94e28db6193f8cafffa 70e69fea7c80dbc9958059c8ba48e4e1 0328f7d1101b43c90627f8dcb917a381 Monsieur Jerome 18728f59591ea9f6525c225793626c60 35322845e061b1740bc646c43a031c8f b83f98cddf1c30580f7810d62e073252 ba93bca6113f488762f7a1d48ad71193 bdc9453ac28e38bac8393a68d4b750a3 c3f06c36e668dacc2e2ac49ca83666d7 ed9b904523060f7e5b36dfb288ae0f37 f608411aa16fda8ab25888887983901a

And I found these interesting shoes from the Helmut Lang Men’s wear Spring/Summer 2004 collection.  What do you think, Yay or Nay?

helmut lang

Thank you for viewing this. Hoping you now have some inspirations for your next summer shopping ;)

Till next post Lads, be *trendy :)

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